2020 ComSoc Best YP – Outstanding Nominee: Behrooz Makki

In this blog, we introduce Dr. Behrooz Makki, the outstanding nominee of the 2020 IEEE ComSoc Best YP.

Behrooz Makki (Senior Member, IEEE) received a Ph.D. degree in communication engineering from Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden. From 2013 to 2017, he was a Postdoctoral Researcher with the Chalmers University of Technology. He currently works as a Senior Researcher with Ericsson Research, Gothenburg, Sweden. In the last decade, he has been actively involved in different activities related to wireless communications. His contributions to the field can be divided into three parts; technical contributions, 5G standardization collaborations, and voluntary works.

Behrooz has published more than 63 journal papers and 46 conference papers in the top venues of ComSoc. These works, which contain technical derivations and high-level surveys, address different aspects of wireless communications, including wireless backhaul, finite block-length analysis, joint radiofrequency and optical communications, and machine learning implementation in wireless networks as well as green communications. According to google.scholar, his papers have received a total of 1230 citations with h-index 18 and i10-index 39. Mainly, with his current position as a Senior Researcher in Ericsson Research, his recent works address both the academic and the industrial aspects of wireless communications.

Active involvements

Behrooz has been deeply involved in the standardization process of 5G networks. As a member of the Ericsson team, Behrooz has been contributing to the 3GPP Study-item on Non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) in Release 15, where it was decided not to continue with NOMA as a work-item and leave it for possible use beyond 5G. Since 2018, Behrooz is a member of the Ericsson team on integrated access, and backhaul (IAB), where he has been contributing to different RAN1 aspects of IAB in 3GPP Releases 16 and 17. IAB, in which 3GPP new radio (NR) technology in international mobile telecommunications (IMT) bands is used to provide backhaul and the existing cellular services in the same node, is considered one of the most innovative applications of millimeter wave spectrum in 5G. In the last three years, Behrooz has filed more than 60 patent applications. His recent survey papers on NOMA and IAB are among the field’s primary references covering both the theoretical and the industrial aspects of the topics. Finally, Behrooz is a member of the 6G vision team in Ericsson, which investigates the possible technologies enabling 6G in 2030. He has been a co-author of one of the key survey papers on 6G.

Academic services

Along with his technical contributions, Behrooz has been involved in different voluntary works of ComSoc. Currently, he is a senior member of IEEE. Also, he works as an Editor in IEEE Wireless Communications Letters since May 2018 and IEEE Communications Letters since Jan. 2019. Moreover, Behrooz has worked as the technical program committee (TPC) of various conferences such as ICC’2015, ICC’2016, ICC’2017, ICC’2018, ICC’2021, Globecom’2016, Globecom’2017, Globecom’2018, Globecom’2020, WCNC’2019, SPAWC’2019, GreenCom’2019, GreenCom’2020, MENACOMM’2019, WCNCW CmMmW5G’2018, WCOC’2017, mmW5G’2017, CIC ICCC’2017, 3ICT’2020, IJCDS’2020. As a reviewer, he has been the reviewer of more than 250 ComSoc journal papers. Finally, Behrooz is the IEEE best reviewer award recipient, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, 2018.

Behrooz is the recipient of various research grants in Sweden. He has also been a member of European Commission Projects “mm-Wave Based Mobile Radio Access Network for 5G Integrated Communications” and “ARTIST4G.” In this way, being a member of different projects/international collaborations, participating in various research activities, and having experience in both academia and industry have made Behrooz a professional young researcher contributing to both academic and industrial aspects of wireless communications.

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