In collaboration with ICC 2018 organizers, ComSoc Young Professionals Committee organized the “Meet and greet” event on May 21, 2018. Around 50 postgraduate students attended the event and had the opportunity to talk, laugh and get to know a little bit more about ComSoc global leaders.

Nury Ramirez, ComSoc YP Committee Chair, gave the welcoming words and shared some of her experiences inside IEEE since she was an undergraduate student. She told how IEEE ComSoc was a key pillar for her to win a scholarship to go to Mexico for her post degrees studies and made all participants laugh when she mentioned she met her husband in IEEE. Nury invited the students to see the value that IEEE ComSoc can bring for their professional and personal growth, as it was for her.

Students were having drinks and talking to each other, then, they received the instructions to talk to ComSoc leaders who were in the room too.  Prior to the event, these leaders shared some facts about themselves to Nury, something unique that would be hard to figure out from the Linkedin profile. During the meeting, the students had all of these facts in sheets and they were encouraged to form groups and discover for example who brought a cow to a class once or who had long red hair.

After one hour of talking, two teams complete the riddle and won. Team#1:  Genya Ishigaki, Tham Nguyen, Jane Frances Hollanes Pajo, and Shayan Monabbati; and team #2: Gagangeet Singh Aujla and Anish Jindal. Each of them called to the stage to each of ComSoc leaders to reveal their “secrets” to the rest of audience. IEEE ComSoc leaders such as Stefano Galli, Dave Michelson, Lajos Hanzo, Ricardo Veiga, Ashutosh Dutta, Ian Wong, Joel Rodrigues, Lisandro Zambenedetti, Roberto De Marca, Vincent Chan, Nei Kato, Susan Brooks and Khaled Lateef gave some warm words to the students.

Briefly, the event joined ComSoc students and experienced members who spent joyful and meaningful networking moments; which are the core reasons why members stay and be part of IEEE community.  

If you are a ComSoc YP member and are interested in what the YP committee is up to, send us a note! If you are not a ComSoc member, check here for all the benefits and join us today.

Pictures taken can be found clicking on this link.