Whats next for ComSoc YP?

Whats next for ComSoc YP?

So, what is IEEE ComSoc YP?

IEEE ComSoc Young Professionals is an international community of members and volunteers from industry and academia. They are diverse and come from different backgrounds, but they all share the innovation and enthusiastic skills to make an impact with different IEEE fields. The main objective is to help young professionals to evaluate their career goals, polish their professional image, and create the building blocks of a diverse and professional network.

The ComSoc YP 2020 team is working on some interesting projects this year. Read about those below.

I volunteer for the opportunity to self-improve while working in an international team and networking with my peers.
Shashi Raj Pandey
Seoul, South Korea

Our plans in 2020

The group aims at working through different types of activities in next few months. Here are some of those activities:

1. Answer your Questions:

It is no secret that most of us have used StackOverflow (and other Stack Exchanges) at least once. Such platforms have proven to be very useful, but still, they do not cover all technological aspects: for instance, there is no common forum to ask about 5G standards or discuss papers from the conferences.

We are working on a way to highlight and answer some of the most frequently asked questions by our community i.e. you. The scope of these questions covers IEEE areas-of-interest, such as topics related to technology, career, and IEEE ComSoc events.

I volunteer because sharing is caring, and ComSoc YP helps me to give back!
Imran S Ansari
Glasgow, Scotland
2. Technical Bootcamp:

The technical bootcamp aims at closing the gap between academia and industry. It will work on the required skills by the industry and keeps up-to-date with the cutting-edge trends under the guidance of experts from the industry. Its main goal is to promote interdisciplinary education between academia and industry.

The technical bootcamp will be a one (or one and a half) day in-person workshop that provides hands-on experience, where the focus is to show how to use these skills in action (e.g., a case study or an application from the industry).

3. Meet Experts:

How often have you been to a conference and did not get a chance to know your peers or experts? Our networking events will change that. They will be coupled with IEEE ComSoc conferences even in virtual scenarios, where the main objective is to socialize with other peers, extend the social network and provide informative sessions. During these events, different types of entertaining activities will take place, such as Quizzes, Games and social drinking! Do not miss the fun flavor in these conferences! Join us at ICC 2020.

Khaled B. Letaief speaking to YPs in 2018
I volunteer for the new place for sharing, learning and getting inspired
Roua Touihri
Paris, France
4. Video-Cast:

It is a podcast but in video. We are hoping to bring together experts from different fields, who share their knowledge about trend technologies, basic theories, and use cases. These types of videos will be informative and somehow educational, but also very short. Thus, they are optimal to hear them in the car, watch them while cooking, or even after your morning news!

5. Blog:

In 2019, people spent on average more than 2 hours on social media (and the numbers tend to go high). So why don’t you make some of this time informative and read our blogs! In our blog, we will share with you the latest news and trends in technology and engineering, and discuss the opinions of our publication team and guest bloggers on what’s going on in these areas. Submit your article today to feature in the blog.

I volunteer for the great opportunity to build new bonds with my peers and learn new skills
Haitham Afifi
Paderborn, Germany

Contact us

If you have any questions, dont hesitate to reach out to us at yp@comsoc.org

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