Come join us in volunteering for the community. All of our opportunities are short term commitments(~2-3 hrs). You can perform the tasks whenever you want and from wherever you want. We currently have following opportunities:

Video Correspondents:

We are looking for volunteers to conduct a 30 mins online interview with leaders in areas such as 5G, IoT, Software Defined Network, Wireless Communications, or in any other areas of interest of ComSoc. We expect some expertise in the area you will interview, but opportunity is open for anyone curious. You will have an opportunity to network with some amazing leaders and peers in Communication industry across the globe.

Blog Editors:

We are looking for writers who wants to share exciting stories from themselves, their colleagues or anyone in their area of interest. We are trying to build a regular mini-blog which is easy to digest for our members. You can be our next contributor, all you need to do is write. You can learn more about our blogs on this page.

Social Media Champions:

We are looking for volunteers who like to engage on social media such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Share curated content, create a quize, or just start a conversation with the audience. Join us today.

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  • PhD Student, Masters Student, Engineer, Manager, Post Doctoral Researcher or Professor