To provide a platform for ComSoc Young Professionals (YPs) to be recognized for their innovative ideas and to inspire all Young Professionals to contribute their very best to the field.

Rules & Eligibility:

In order to be eligible for the IEEE ComSoc Young Professionals Best Innovation Award, the candidates must meet the following criteria:

  1. Nominees must be YPs, i.e., the nominees must have received their first post-secondary degree (e.g. Bachelor’s level or an associate degree) within the past 15 years, relative to the nomination deadline. If this criterion is not met, the nominee must have “opted-in” to the IEEE Young Professional membership.
  2. Nominees are required to be members of IEEE and preferably, members of ComSoc.
  3. Nominees from any country are eligible.
  4. Previous recipients of the 2016 IEEE Best ComSoc Young Professional in Academia and Industry Award are not eligible.
  5. The award must be received by the winner in person at IEEE WCNC 2017. No award will be made in absentia, except under extraordinary circumstances, as determined by the IEEE ComSoc Young Professionals Best Innovation Award Committee.


  1. No hard rule about the submission format. The nominee may choose to submit his/her own idea in the format he/she likes. Examples include:
    1. Demo (presentation, video..)
    2. Patent
    3. Proof of Concept
    4. Company internal document

Note: Nominees should make sure they have the right to share the information submitted in the public domain.

  1. Nominees should show proof that he/she is an inventor or co-inventor of the idea.
  2. The IEEE ComSoc Young Professionals Best Innovation Award Committee will judge the presented ideas not the candidates’ (e.g. profiles (CV, reference letters, etc).


To be nominated for the award, the candidates must submit their contact info and their WCNC 2017 paper info, by February 24, 2017 via email to comsocYP@comsoc.org. Please indicate in the subject of the email the following: “Nomination for the IEEE ComSoc  Young Professionals Best Innovation Award “.

Results and Awards:

The IEEE ComSoc Young Professionals Best Innovation award recipient will be announced during the ComSoc Young Professionals luncheon event on Wednesday, March 22nd at WCNC 2017, in San Francisco, USA.